Report Lost/Stolen Debit Card

Lost or Stolen Card?

We have created several ways to report a card lost/stolen 24/7. You can always call First State Bank. We have provided several other ways that are helpful during holidays, after hours, or weekends.

  1. Hotcard Center (888-297-3416) A toll free telephone number is available for our cardholders 24 hours a day, seven days a week to report a lost/stolen card. This number is featured on our website as well as through our Telebanking systems.
  2. NetTeller Online Banking / Report a Card Lost/Stolen NetTeller Online banking allows you the ability to monitor your transactions 24/7  but also has the ability to disable a card.  Under the “Options” tab click ATM/Debit Card and check the box next to the card you want to report lost/stolen and click “Submit”. This option will immediately disable the card.
  3. Call First State Bank at 936-327-5211 or FASTWAY Telebanking (800-364-5211Our Fastway Telebanking system Option #7 allows you to be connected to the Hotcard Center to report a lost or stolen card 24/7. This will prevent further fraudulent charges until you can get in touch with us.