Cash Management Online

NetTeller Cash Management, which is fully integrated with First State Bank’s NetTeller online banking solution, enables the business customer to be self- sufficient by leveraging the power and convenience of the Internet to provide greater control 24/7/365. This service enhances the customer experience by giving an assigned administrator the capability to set up, monitor, and manage additional users and their individual access authorities. Cash Management users have the ease of establishing a single sign-on access but with the added security of Multi-factor Authentication as well as secure Verisign login tokens. 

First State Bank NetTeller Cash Management solution offers commercial customers online access to their business accounts. Upon approval it offers flexible ACH, wire transfer, reporting, stop payments, and account management capabilities. 

This system strictly enforces the industry’s highest security standards and monitoring. NetTeller Cash Management is another Internet banking solution that is convenience driven to encourage businesses the simplicity to manage and monitor their business bank accounts and user activity while conducting important business transactions. 

If you are interested in applying for NetTeller Cash Management please contact First State Bank for an application.