Safe Deposit Boxes

A great way to store important documents and valuables is with a secure Safety Deposit Box.  Safety Deposit Boxes are located at each of our four locations. Safety Deposit Boxes are only available to First State Bank customers.  There are a variety of different sizes to choose from.

A $20 key deposit is required at opening as well as the box fee.  2 keys are issued per box. The box fee is debited annually from your First State Bank account. The key deposit is refunded if both keys are returned at closing. When acquiring a Safety Deposit Box all signers must be present.

The contents of the Safety Deposit Boxes are not insured by First State Bank or FDIC. Customers may purchase insurance from an Insurance Agency.

Safe Deposit Boxes are a good place to store important documents such as wills, birth certificates, marriage licenses, deeds, car titles,  social security cards, savings bonds, CDs insurance policies, burial deeds, etc.  It is a safe secure place for valuables and important items.